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Harper Ambassador Horsecoach 4 x horse -HHA06-05

Drivers Side and Passenger Side

Trademark Luton design which makes the truck more aerodynamic but also makes the Harper Horsecoaches easily identifiable.
All Harper Horsecoaches are sign written with our names and logos, however if you prefer a different paint job then let us know.


We have a specialised joiner who has experience building kitchen cabinetry for our Horsecoaches. Together with him and the customer the team at Harper Horsecoaches hope to be able to build a kitchen which is perfect for what you want and need, right down to the ergonomic factors of height, depth and placement.

External BBQ

This is an optional extra which is fantastic for those social evenings when staying away in the truck.
To complement the External BBQ we are able to install speakers on the outside of the truck working through the stereo control unit in the living area.

Back of Truck- Awning out

This truck, like many of the other Harper Horsecoaches also has an awning. These can be fitted to either or both sides of the truck and the customer can choose the length which ranges from 4-5.5 meters and all of the awnings pull out to 3.3 meters.
The awnings are fantastic for those raining days to keep everything dry but are also great as sun shades for those scorching hot days.
We are able to install these into exsisting units if you would like.

Saddle/Gear Locker

The external saddle lockers in the Harper Horsecoaches feature two large doors to give plenty of access room. Both the locker doors have lockable catches and we are also able to install a key pad lock for extra security if this is what you would like.
Inside the saddle locker are two saddle rack bars with adjustable racks on them. These are the trusted brand HP Easyset, they are padded and shaped for extra care of expensive saddlery.
We are able to fit bridle hooks inside the locker in a place of your choice or on the door.
Professional Choice door caddies are placed on one or both of the doors for storage of grooming items.

Awning Recessed

Gourock awnings are used on all of the Harper Horsecoaches and are a hard wearing and tough choice. They are easy to pull out and put back away and sit tidely when travelling and not in use.

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