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Harper Ambassador Horsecoach 4x horse -HHA07-07

Passenger Side of Truck

The design on this truck was created by the customer to create a look that they thought appropriate and complimenting to the truck. The team at Harper Horsecoaches are more than happy to help you to find the right design for finishing your truck.
All the windows etc are strategically placed to give the truck a polished and balanced look. Depending on the customers preferences the trucks can be made with Decorative Checkerplate which protects the side of the truck or they can be left with the sleek all over finish of the fibreglass panelling.

Drivers side of Truck

Lockers are all made with handles that are lockable. This is for security as well as safety when travelling.
When first enquiring about the trucks Steve tries to find a truck which fits your specifications and needs. Using connections throughout the country you are sure to get the best deal possible.

Fold down double bed

A large number of the Harper Horsecoaches have seating which can easily be transformed into a double bed. Using a shorter table leg, the slats under the seating squabs pull out and the back seating squabs lay on top to create comfortable bed. Curtains are made to be able to be pulled shut to close the access to the crawl through area to avoid drafts blowing through. All Upholstery is custom made through a local trusted Upholsterer.

Kitchen Area

The cabinetry and appliances are all designed and chosen by the Harper Horsecoaches team to both complement the inner decor of the truck and best accomodate the customer. Using the photos from previous truck designs, draft plans and a virtual kitchen design studio on the computer the customer is certain to be happy with the final finish.


All the Lutons at Harper Horsecoaches are designed with the upmost comfort in mind. They are designed with heights ranging from 900mm -1100mm. The lutons can be lined in either a marine grade carpet wool lining or the standard fibreglass sheeting, this is chosen by the client to suit the other devor designs and comfort factors. All the lutons feature a window on each side unless the customer states otherwise, this is just so that enough air flow can get in.

Living Area

Harper Horsecoaches are built using only the best of products and workmanship. The Apholstery fabrics are chosen by the customers with the help of Allie, there is also a range of reasonably priced quality fabrics that are available to be purchased from Discount RV Parts. The fabrics are finished into the seating by a trusted Apholsterer.
This truck features the cabinetry on the end of the seating which is a great safety precaution for small children.

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