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Harper Ambassador Horsecoach 4x horse -HHA09-13

Passenger Side of Truck

The design on this truck was created by the customer to create a look that they thought appropriate and complimenting to the truck. The team at Harper Horsecoaches are more than happy to help you to find the right design for finishing your truck. All the windows etc are strategically placed to give the truck a polished and balanced look. Depending on the customers preferences the trucks can be made with Decorative Checkerplate which protects the side of the truck or they can be left with the sleek all over finish of the fibreglass panelling.

Drivers side of Truck

Lockers are all made with handles that are lockable. This is for security as well as safety when travelling. When first enquiring about the trucks Steve tries to find a truck which fits your specifications and needs. Using connections throughout the country you are sure to get the best deal possible.

Gear Locker

The external saddle lockers in the Harper Horsecoaches feature two large doors to give plenty of access room. Both the locker doors have lockable catches and we are also able to install a key pad lock for extra security if this is what you would like. Inside the saddle locker are two saddle rack bars with adjustable racks on them. These are the trusted brand HP Easyset, they are padded and shaped for extra care of expensive saddlery. We are able to fit bridle hooks inside the locker in a place of your choice or on the door. Professional Choice door caddies are placed on one or both of the doors for storage of grooming items.

Horse Area

The dividers are made of strong boxed steel and then painted and haver custom made padded covers fitted to them. The head dividers pull round and slot neatly into the horse dividers. If the head dividers are not needed they can be fixed into the rubber stoppers which hold them firmly in place.

Rug Rack

These cover racks are a new design that Harper Horsecoaches have made up, they feature two shutting doors to ensure that the rugs wont fall down when traveling. These are made of painted galvanised mesh with box steel framing.

Living Area- Passenger Side

All plans are drafted by Allie and then the client meets with Allie and Steve to discuss changes and improvements before concluding the final layout plan. Whilst many of the Ambassador trucks have similar layout plans all are slightly different. Many of the Harper Horsecoaches are also having diesel heaters installed for those chilly competition mornings. These are very effective and produce great heat whilst having a very low fuel consumption. The team at Harper Horsecoaches are able to install these in any unit so talk to them if you think this may be something you need.

Gun Cabinet

A gun cabinet has been designed and fitted into this horsecoach. The cupboard features specialised holders for the guns and the cupboard has a secure lock to ensure upmost safety.

Drawer in Horse Area

These drawers are fitted with handles that push in to lock whilst travelling. The cupboard door shuts flush with a door catch that sits flush so no chance of coming unlocked.

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