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Harper Competitor Horsecoach – 3 Horse -HHC06-06

3 Horse with Large living
*Sheely’s sold this truck in 2009 and have up graded to a Larger Unit.

Back of truck with awning out:

Harper Horsecoaches install awnings on many of the new trucks that are built. These can be installed on both sides of the truck or just one. They are made of high quality canvas sheeting.
Inside the horse area the dividers are made of strong boxed steel which are painted and covered with custom made padded covers.
The ramp is lined with a thick ribbed rubber sheeting and the horse area is sealed with ecosorb flooring. To protect the back walls against kicking these are lined with heavy rubber belting. Using these products ensures that the trucks are sealed properly and are made easy for hosing out after use.

Back drivers side:

This truck has had a specialised desing added to the truck for effect. The client chose this design but Allie and Steve are able to assist you in making these decisions to ensure that the design compliments the truck and something that you like.
The railing around the top of the truck and the ladder attached to the ramp are for loading materials such as hay onto the roof. There are plenty of places for attaching tie downs onto to ensure a secure load.

Kitchen Area:

This truck like all others that Harper Horsecoaches build has got a custom designed and built kitchen. The customers have chosen the colour scheme and overall layout of the ktichen area. This truck features a pull-out pantry, wine bottle storage, fridge/freezer unit, Oven/grill/hob, Microwave and Pull-out rubbish bins.

External Gear Locker:

All saddle lockers have built in saddle racks with adjustable arms so gear can be packed neatly in. They also feature bridle hooks and door caddies for storage. It is upto the customers individual needs as to the number of hooks, saddle arms and caddies that they would like.

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