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Harper Competitor Horsecoach 3x horse -HHC07-16

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External BBQ

The inclusion of the external BBQs are growing in popularity, these are great for entertaining in the evenings when staying away in the truck. They are on slide out tracks so they pull out easily and then once used and cleaned are easily shut back into the locker.
They external BBQs are complimented by the external speakers. These can be easily installed and work off the stereo system located in the living area of the truck.

Living Area

There are many different fabrics and vinyls that can be used for the Upholstery, Allie and Steves other business Discount RV Parts stock a quality range of different fabrics that may be suitable.
A feature of this truck is the cupboard at the end of the seating, not only is this a handy storage place but is a great safety precaution for small children to stop them falling down the steps.


All of the kitchens are fitted with special handles which prevent the cupboards and drawers from coming open whilst travelling.
There are a large range of appliances that are available to be installed in the trucks including fridges/freezers and dishwashers, which are available in finishes to complement the inner decor of the customers truck.


All of the windows that are used on the Harper Horsecoaches are tinted in either Black or Grey which also adds to the overall impression on the outside of the truck, this also adds to the privacy factor.
Decorative checkerplate is a great option for those that are concerned about horses kicking the truck and dinting it. The checkerplate not only protects but also looks good.


A vast majority of the Harper Horsecoaches are equipped with Televisions. Our electrician is able to connect the stereo and the surround speakers to the Televisions to get the premium effect.

Horse Area

Harper Horsecoaches are designed and built by people who have experience with Equine bloodstock. Therefore, the horse area of the trucks are built to keep the precious bloodstock safe and allow them to travel comfortably.

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