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Harper Competitor Horsecoach 4x horse -HHC06-04

Passenger Side

This truck features a simple yet effective design along the top of the checkerplate which flows through to the cab.
The windows are all tinted for privacy and also to ensure that the sun can damage the apholstery etc inside the truck.

Living Area

All plans are drafted by Allie and then the client meets with Allie and Steve to discuss changes and improvements before concluding the final layout plan. Whilst many of the Ambassador trucks have similar layout plans all are slightly different.
Many of the Harper Horsecoaches are also having diesel heaters installed for those chilly competition mornings. These are very effective and produce great heat whilst having a very low fuel consumption. The team at Harper Horsecoaches are able to install these in any unit so talk to them if you think this may be something you need.

Drivers Side

This truck features a Gourock Awning, these are becoming more and more popular both for sun protection but also for shelter from the rain. The awnings are available in a width of 4-5.5 meters and they pull out to 3.3 meters. The team at Harper Horsecoaches specialise in installing these and can asvise you on the best options.

Head Divider and Body Divider Connection

The horse area is built to be strong and hard wearing. This image shows an example of hw the finishing standard at Harper Horsecoaches is very high.

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