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Harper Revolution Horsecoach 4x horse -HHR07-08

This horsecoach is a refit, from an older horse box. Taking the box off the old truck and placing it onto a newer model 3m longer truck set the base for the new truck. From here the team followed the customers instructions through which parts of the box they wanted to keep and which parts would be replaced.
The photos above are of the final Harper Revolution Horsecoach which the customers were very happy with.
Contact Steve if you are interested in this process.


Colour scheme was chosen by the customer. Our trusted upholsterer finishes all the seating to a high standard.
Allie works with the client to decide what curtains, blinds or shutters they would like and then she sews them to suit the truck.
The clients are able to choose between the standard fibreglass sheeting finish or marine grade carpet wool lining. This truck features the fibreglass sheeting throughout the living area and then the wool lining for the luton to get the upmost heat insulation.

Cabinetry and Luton

All the cabinetry is chosen by the client who is guided by Allie and Steve, working with the joiner the client is sure to get a superior finish which is fitted to the inner decor of the truck and also to the ergonomic factors of the clients.

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