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Harper Supreme Horsecoach 4x horse

Passenger Side- Slide Out

All of our Harper Supreme Horsecoaches are built with the feature of the Slide Out side. There are two slightly different ways that Harpers build the Slide Outs, either a flat floored Kitchen Area This kitchen features the bright colouring of the red Seratone wall finishing keeping in sync with the rest of the colour scheme in the truck. The window frames also add to the immaculate finish and help to hold the blinds in place when travelling. Through using predominantly light and bright colours in the living area of the truck it gives a larger feeling and opens the inside of the truck up more. It maintains that crisp and fresh feeling whilst still being warm and comfortable.


This Upholstery was chosen by the customers, any fabrics that you like the look of we can take samples and ensure that they will be suitable for the seating of the truck. Allie and Steves other business Discount RV Parts have a large range of quality Upholstery fabrics that may also be suitable.

Horse Area

All of the Harper Supreme Horsecoaches carry 4 horses but we are happy to make changes to cater to anyones needs. The dividers are made of strong boxed steel and then painted and haver custom made padded covers fitted to them. The head dividers pull round and slot neatly into the horse dividers. If the head dividers are not needed they can be fixed into the rubber stoppers which hold them firmly in place.

Horse Area- Cover Rack

These cover racks are a new design that Harper Horsecoaches have made up, they feature two shutting doors to ensure that the rugs wont fall down when traveling. These are made of painted galvanised mesh with box steel framing.

Living Area

Using the feature of the Slideout createsa much roomier feeling which is complemented by colour selections. A feature of this truck is the Mercury stone bench tops and tables, between Steve and our trustworthy joiner they will advise you on what would be suitable to use in the truck. If you have any other ideas for the inside of your truck discuss them with Steve and there is sure to be something that will work.


Keeping with the same red Seratone and Mercury stone in the bathroom ensures that the flow continues through. The sink and fittings were chosen by the customer and fitted by the team at Harper Horsecoaches. The vinyl which can be seen at the bottom of this image is hard wearing and looks great throughout the kitchen and living area too. We can lay carpet in the trucks if this is preferred but the vinyl is generally easier to maintain and clean.

Drivers Side

This is another of the Harper Horsecoaches that feature the decorative checkerplate to ensure a stronger resiliance against kicking from horses etc. At the rear of the Supreme Horsecoach at the top of the truck is the awning, these can be made to a length of 4-5.5ma and pull out to 3.3m. We can fit them onto any of our trucks or onto exsisting units.

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