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Harper Supreme Horsecoach 5x horse -HHS08-11


All Harper Horsecoaches have large lutons to fit King size beds. The lutons feature a high roof of 900mm to 1100mm so there is plenty of room which is complemented by windows on both sides to create plenty of air flow. All curtains and blinds are made to fit each individual truck and the fabrics are all chosen by the client who is assisted by our design team to create the best look for the inside of the truck.

Horse Area

Horse area is designed with the safety and comfort of valuable bloodstock in mind. The chest bins are finished with a checkerplate alloy in front of the horses to ensure long lasting wear. The top of the chest bins are finished with polished stainless steel to give a high strengh and tidy finish. All dividers are made of box section steel and then painted before having custom made padded covers fitted to add to the comfort of the horses.

Kitchen Area

Harper Horsecoaches are able to fit most normal household appliances. This truck features a stainless steel fridge/freezer drawer. The team can also install dishwashers or any other preferences you have.
Stainless steel has been used throughout the unit to give a sophisticated and modern look that complements the rest of the truck.

Living Area

To give extra space the Harper Supreme is designed with a slideout side. This particular slide out is a flat floor, meaning that there is no lip on the egde.
This truck has a custom made angular window which creates a more sleek design on the outside of the truck, it also makes a feature on the inside of the truck.
The chrome fittings are evident in this photo as well as the others. They add a spectacular finish and make a clean and clear cut design.

Entry Door

This photo shows the entry door to the truck with the slideout visable in the left of the photo. The slideout is finish with a stainless steel edging and side flaps that fold down when stationary.
The doors that are installed on the trucks vary, this truck has a security door on the inside which can be separated from the external solid part. It is fully lockable and has a fly vent also.

Drivers Side

High quality paint work is co-designed and carried out by a trusted team out of town. We try to design the finish to complement the truck and give it a finish which is aesthetically pleasing and unique. Windows, lockers and other accesories on the outside of the truck are also installed with a sleek and uncluttered finish in mind.

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